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Rent a Car Guide - Add Your Site

Sites are placed in categories by Rent a Car Guide subject to company location. We do this to ensure that Rent a Car Guide is organized in the best possible way, making the directory easy to use, intuitive, helpful, and fair to everyone.

With this in mind, we ask that you follow three simple, yet important steps if you have a car rental company you'd like to submit:

Step 1: Check to see if Your Site is Already in Rent a Car Guide
An important first step, because if your site is already listed in Rent a Car Guide, you need go no further. Check by searching Rent a Car Guide for your site by title, or by browsing appropriate categories (locations).

(Note: If your site is already listed in Rent a Car Guide but you want to change its comments, title or other information, you need to use the change form. This is an entirely different process.)

Step 2: Find the Appropriate Category in Rent a Car Guide
Finding an appropriate category (location) for your site is at the heart of this process.

Step 3: Submit Your Site from the Appropriate Category (location)
Submit your site from the category (location) you think most appropriate. Do this by clicking on the "Add Your Site" link at the bottom of that category page.

When you click on "Add Your Site" in the appropriate category (location), you'll see an online form asking for information about your site. Please be prepared to provide, among other information, your site's title, URL, and a brief description.

Thanks for contributing to Rent a Car Guide. By following the above steps you're helping us process car rental companies in a timely manner.

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