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Why Would You Advertise with Rent a Car Guide?

Rent a Car Guide can fit into your marketing plans and your budget, no matter how large or small. You can increase traffic, sales and visibility using our high performance, targeted customer, Advertising Programs. Some key points are:

Rent a Car Guide Audience: Rent a Car Guide is the leading online rent a car comparison website that helps visitors to make booking decisions. Rent a Car Guide is able to deliver results because it attracts high-value visitors who are actively looking for information. They are familiar with online travel services booking and just a click away from your company. More importantly, we can target your advertising message to our customers in sophisticated ways—by destination, origin, section, area coverage, and more.

  • Looking for advice. Rent a Car Guide users are in search mode and are open to being influenced on what services to consider and where to find them. This reliable service makes visitor to trust the content of the search engine. This could bring your company in the front line.
  • Ready to book. Rent a Car Guide users are frequent web visitors and are actively looking to make holidays booking decisions. They are just a click away from a purchase decision. But they are not only interested in booking a car. They want to book a hotel, a trip, a tour or even safari as well. That’s why advertising in Rent a Car Guide gives you a great opportunity to make more business with travelers.

Choosing Advertise Options
To help advertisers reach their goals, we offer a range of products, including:

  • Logo Advertising: Your logo displayed within you company details page.
  • Car Photos Advertising: Photos of your company’s cars displayed in the company details page.
  • Banner Advertising: Guaranteed banner placement at top or at left of the site.
  • Sponsorship Advertising: Special sponsorship advertising of a main city category or subcategory.


Upon joining our Merchant Network you will have access to our Merchant Center where you can monitor your traffic and generate reports. This will help you understand your profit of your advertisement.

More Information
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